From Brooklyn to Central Park in 3 days

Here is the story of our search for apartment, a great one which starts at Brooklyn and ends at Central Park while everyone told us it was not possible to find something affordable.

The story began on the Internet… There are a lot of websites. It is difficult to make a well-considered decision between fake and real ones. In our case, we focused on three options: Continue reading

Transcontinental track and first days in Vancouver

Day 1

Here we were, December the 30th ! It was time for us and our future classmates to take the plane for a new adventure! Trust us, adventure was the right word.

This adventure started at the airport when the airport security stopped us for our non-valid ESTA (Visa). Some were interrupted 2 hours before, while others were stopped 5 minutes before boarding. While talking with the security guard, we realized that everyone took the wrong number, the one located on the bottom left of our passport instead of the one on the top right. The only difference between the 2 numbers is one 0 at the end of the bottom one. Good to know!

But this was only the beginning… Continue reading

Innovation Business Week : live the French life for 2 weeks


At the beginning of January, 22 students from Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill and The George Washington University joined the short program: Innovation Business Week. Through these programs, Grenoble Ecole de Management offers another approach of business concepts and applications, the European approach, and allows students to participate in new innovative learning models like the serious games. Continue reading

In the shoes of a Downing gardener

Englishmen are known to be very meticulous when it comes to appearances. Their lawns must be impeccable. Whether it is their football stadiums or their parks and colleges, Brits do know how to make a good lawn, a lawn which will make the neighbours jealous.


Dale, Downing gardener

One would find it very odd and ridiculous to dedicate an entire article about the Lawn at Downing College. Yet, coming to study at this highly renowned university, Continue reading