Mobile phone in China


You probably noticed that Chinese people spend more time on their cellphones than French people do. When you arrive in China you understand why QR codes are tagged everywhere in China (restaurants, supermarkets etc). Indeed, mobile phones are used for many more things than in France. You may think China is late concerning Internet connection, but it is not for mobile use. The mobile phone is used to open a bank account, to pay merchants, to charge your electricity card, to rent bikes, to receive tickets for parties etc. Convenient, right? However, getting a SIM card can be difficult if Continue reading

Cultural experience in the UK: Rugby


Live from Allianz: Saracens-London Wasps

For a rugby fan, England is like an “Eldorado” as Brazil for is football or the United States for basketball.

The sport was invented here during the 19th century in the town of Rugby. The story says that one day during a football game one player named William Webb Ellis picked up the ball with his hands and ran with it. Even if there are still some doubts about the truthfulness of this story, William Webb Ellis is considered as Continue reading

Where to live in New York City: Point of View from the outsider in Brooklyn


Brookyln Heights promenade

Is New York safe?

If you are going to live in New York, you will probably consider, at one point, where you want to live. So the first question you may ask yourself is: Is New York safe? 

Well from what I have heard and from my own experience, I would say that yes it is. The crime rate has really declined over the past 20 years in the city, and I have never, up to this point of my stay, felt insecure. You’ll be surprise how many people are in the streets and the subways at any time. Some shops stay open all night and not only in Times Square (a typical Duane Reade can be found almost everywhere, for example)! It so happened that I actually went to buy some food in a grocery store at 2 in the morning as if it was 4 in the afternoon! But of course, if you’re looking for trouble, I guess you’ll find it. Feeling safe doesn’t mean being reckless or naive, so as they say: stay aware at all time. Continue reading

Night Life in Beijing


If you are planning to take the Transcontinental Track in Beijing you cannot fail to think about the nightlife.

Where will I go out? What types of parties do they organize? 
Will I be able to find nightclubs for my student budget?

We will try our best to help you figure it out with you. The truth is: in China you will definitely find something you like, and you will definitely have fun!

There are two main areas within Beijing where you can go out depending on what you are planning to do.

The first one and most well-known: Sanlitun.

It is not so far from the dormitory and you can go there by subway when they are still open (before 11 pm). The station is Tuanjiahu or Dongsishitiao depending on where you want to go. Or you can also get there by taxi (usually 40-50 yuan/5-7 € a ride). It is great if you want to meet lots of Continue reading

Bridge the Gap fundraiser at Open Cambridge

bridge-the-gap-4Bridge the Gap is a fundraising walk around the Cambridge Colleges in aid of the Arthur Rank Hospice and Romsey Mill charities. The event took place on the 11th of September and consists of a walk to discover the appeal of Cambridge. This year was the 15th year of Bridge the Gap. For this edition, the route went through Continue reading