“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of”


New York City. 8.4 million people walking down the streets. It can be hard to live here. Especially in Times Square. During rush hour. On a cold rainy day.

But when you get away from the bustle of Wall Street, from the bright signs of Times Square and finally make your way through the tunnels of the dusty and super-heated subway, you can finally take a second to gaze at the iconic city’s neighborhoods and breathtaking streets. Continue reading

8 things to know in Cambridge


When arriving at a till, in England, something rather strange happens regularly: « hey, how is it going? ».This little sentence puzzles the French citizen, who is quickly thinking « Am I really supposed to answer? Why is he asking me that? ». Similarly, people you don’t know from Adam feel free to Continue reading

Life in NYC

New York City is the dream of many students and young workers. Nonetheless, living there isn’t as simple as it seems to be…

First of all, finding a place to live isn’t easy. You will realize very soon that the cost of living is… crazy! A room in Manhattan will cost you at least $900 and beyond $1700 in fancy neighborhoods.  Then, usually you have to make a choice between a large space and a nice location. Once you have found the apartment and the roommates of your dreams (and corresponding to your budget!) you can start finding your place in New York’s jungle.subway-justine

Indeed, at the very first glance, New York seems to be a big anthill with so many busy people (and tourists!). If you look closer, the city is full of amazing places to visit and activities that you cannot do elsewhere. Continue reading

Love at first sight for Downing College

A historic layout of Downing College

256px-downing_crest-svg-1 As we all discovered it during the quiz when we arrived at Downing, the college was founded by Sir George Downing, third Baronet, with wealth left by his grandfather, who built 10 Downing Street, the home of the Prime Minister. He left the estates to his cousin, Jacob Downing. In his will, he stated that if Jacob died without heir, three cousins would inheritate the estates. If all four died, the estates were to be used to found a college called Downing. George died in 1749 and when Jacob passed away in 1764,­ all their cousins were already dead. Jacob’s widow refused to give up the estates. Sir George’s legal heirs led a legal action. In 1800 the Court decided in favour of Sir George’s will and Downing College was granted a Royal Charter. Continue reading

Open Cambridge: A journey through the old library at Trinity College

Continuing with the Open Cambridge series, 3 GEM students on the Downing College Transcontinental Track share their discoveries of the old library at Trinity College.

trinity-collegeThe Old Library, built in 1590, is one of the first purpose-built college libraries and the oldest library still in its original setting in Cambridge. It is housed in the red brick Tudor building opposite to Master’s Lodge. It is on the 1st floor in order to avoid being flooded since Trinity Hall is close to the River Cam. Continue reading